About the Author

With thirty-three years of experience in independent education for girls, including sixteen years as the head of Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Jeannie Norris is a respected leader and advocate in the area of all-girls education. She speaks and writes extensively about the education and parenting of girls, the role of women in philanthropy, and the effective management of independent schools. Norris grew up in Joplin, Missouri, where her parents raised her with the steadiness and confidence she espouses for today’s parents. She and her husband, Peter, have between them four children and three grandchildren and make their home in North Carolina.

In the confusing whirl of messages coming at girls and their parents, Jeannie Norris’s voice rings clear and true. Norris is a practical visionary who helps parents realize their hopes of raising strong girls and catalyzes girls’ dreams of living powerful lives. In an age where parents often struggle to find a balance between being too permissive or over protective, Norris shows how to nurture girls’ critically important capacity for self-reliance as they make the transition into young adulthood. Beautifully written and informed by the latest research on girls’ development, this book is the steady, reassuring, smart companion that parents need beside them as their daughters stretch toward womanhood.
Elizabeth Debold, Ed.D., bestselling author of Mother Daughter Revolution: From Good Girls to Great Women